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calender21 Apr, 06:30 pm - 25 Apr, 06:30 pm

1. Download AstroRoyale game:
Enter your beta key - OG-42QuYrZuXKCj
2. Accessing the tournament: To access the tournament, simply:
Load your Elixir app tomorrow at either 4pm or 11pm GST, go to
Library >> My Games and click Play Game.
Keep your region as "Auto" and join the official server -
AstroRoyal Beta Tournament Official, hosted by Vincent Porquet.
If you have any trouble finding the server, please Join Discord from below !!


Roadmap will be updated after the registration ends. Watch out our ‘News’ tab for updates & announcements!
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Contact Details
Admin -
Phone -

https://ci6.googleusercontent.com/proxy/B1sMSx_nLQskzLVQh9HcUr5hlrh7yCt3-mk-f705c8_ER8lHM9YUqHq6uKHJVvnvZgHxBToaqdk_KI7kkdyytpcHTqaTh6zInSjXQxU6zwAwr0DlnjHqKueJH--CvtUuVFXtyFjYsTs-J4KzH00lDfrZuK4Tfw=s0-d-e1-ft#https://mcusercontent.com/6fe80eec5f6b3f818aac657cf/images/fcb9e320-7a36-91d5-e55a-e89d2abf0d1b.png" data-proportion="true" data-size="1200px, auto" data-align="" data-file-name="fcb9e320-7a36-91d5-e55a-e89d2abf0d1b.png" data-file-size="0" origin-size="1200, 800" data-origin="1200px, auto" style="cursor: pointer; outline: none; max-width: 1200px; padding-bottom: 0px; vertical-align: bottom; border: 0px; height: auto; text-decoration: none; display: inline !important; width: 1200px;">
We're thrilled to have you join the AstroRoyale tournament! Here's everything you need to know to get started:

1. Download AstroRoyale game: To participate, you must have the AstroRoyale game downloaded on your PC. You can download it from Elixir platform by following these steps:2. Accessing the tournament: To access the tournament, simply:
  • Load your Elixir app tomorrow at either 4pm or 11pm GST, go to
    Library >> My Games and click Play Game.
  • Keep your region as "Auto" and join the official server -
    AstroRoyal Beta Tournament Official, hosted by Vincent Porquet.
  • If you have any trouble finding the server, please try a few times.
3. Join Discord: We encourage you to join our Discord channel to voice chat and enjoy good banter with your fellow players, for the fullest experience. Click here to join: https://discord.com/invite/H4F49zhm6H" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">https://discord.com/invite/H4F49zhm6H

4. Tweet about your experience: During and/or after the tournament, do share your experience on Twitter using the hashtag #AstroRoyale.

Here are some additional details about the tournament:
https://astromust.us21.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6fe80eec5f6b3f818aac657cf&id=bc688f2dea&e=dc8b97d519" rel="noreferrer" data-image-link="image">https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/7ZUd0emyIMYIkDRNKp2JjtoAGz-Nl9gWU18JFlY_E1yz4NzrdXjfKMFtzjkQS-YHJRkuZGh0HXa6Abv6JBMuoxqH5SLZHjsnSbofhFI1FzzkUr54uLXB3LYanwtu3yp6KsYNBldDNYKHb1CAU2DKoK-Rh4BKE_e8ylY5StBI9dI=s0-d-e1-ft#https://mcusercontent.com/6fe80eec5f6b3f818aac657cf/video_thumbnails_new/629541bda708c287fd4a3a8aafde43b2.png" data-image-link="https://astromust.us21.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6fe80eec5f6b3f818aac657cf&id=bc688f2dea&e=dc8b97d519" data-proportion="true" data-size="640px, auto" data-align="" data-file-name="629541bda708c287fd4a3a8aafde43b2.png" data-file-size="0" origin-size="640, 480" data-origin="640px, auto" style="max-width: 640px; border: 0px; height: auto; outline: none; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: bottom; width: 640px;">
AstroRoyale Teaser
  • Date: Saturday 22nd April 2023
  • Prize Pool: ONE prize pool - $1000 will be divided among the top 3 winners, with the first prize winner receiving an Active OG worth $500 (not yet publicly available) and $250 cash prize.
  • Timings: Two tournaments will be hosted on Saturday at 4pm GST/ 1pm GMT/ 2pm CET and 11pm GST / 7pm GMT/ 9pm CET. Stay tuned for the booking time slots closer to the date.
  • Gameplay: Deathmatch with the opportunity to respawn until time is up, with a maximum game time of 20 minutes.
  • Game Test: This is a beta build, and your feedback is crucial to us. Help us identify and report any issues you encounter. After the tournament, please fill out a short feedback form (optional).
  • Discord Channel: Join our dedicated channel to communicate throughout gameplay - https://astromust.us21.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6fe80eec5f6b3f818aac657cf&id=91d1bd9516&e=dc8b97d519" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">https://discord.com/invite/H4F49zhm6H


Why are there two tournaments?
We are hosting two tournaments to accommodate participants across different time zones, enabling everyone to play at their convenience.

Can I play in both tournaments?
Yes, you are welcome to participate in both tournaments if you wish.

Are there two prize pools?
No, there is only one prize pool, and the winner will be selected based on their kill count.

How do I claim my prize?
The winner will be announced on Twitter. To be eligible for the prize pool, you must have registered and been whitelisted. So, please ensure that you have completed the registration process.

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