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Sony Playstation Network Topup

Sony PlayStation Network Gift card is an easy and convenient way to make your PlayStation Store purchases without using a credit card. Easily add funds to your account for Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) to use towards anything from PlayStation Store's (PS Store) h

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Lysto Points


Lysto Points

Usage Terms

  • PSN wallet funds can be used by the redeeming account holder (and their child Family Member accounts) to pay for items in the PS Store available to Indian account holders. Use of Code is subject to these terms, and Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Voucher Code Terms, Software Usage Terms and additional content/service specific terms at http://www.playstation.com/legal/PSNTerms

How to use

  • 1. Sign into PSN or create an account at playstation.com.
  • 2. Go to 'Redeem Codes' on PS Store and enter the 12-digit voucher code (Code).
  • 3. To purchase PS Plus using the funds from this Code, select the subscription plan of your choice, and complete the purchase*.
  • *Credit/debit card or PayPal must be saved to your account for PSN to purchase PS Plus on a monthly payment plan. Redeemable only by users aged 18 or older holding an adult account for PSN registered to India.