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Types of POPPs

Unique POPPs for gamers with rights of ownership and transferability
ERC - 1155
Semi-fungible POPPs that allow transfer of different types tokens at once.
Soul-bound Tokens
POPPs bound to gamer’s profile forever to represent true identity.
Dynamic Tokens
POPPs with mutable metadata that can evolve to represent gamer’s progress.

Use cases of POPPs


POPPs for competing and winning in esport tournaments


POPPs for in-game achievements and social endeavours

Benefits of POPPs

POPPs enable gamers to showcase their in-game achievements to the world in the form of badges and trophies.
POPP allows gamers to enhance their profiles as they rack up experience on various immersive titles.
POPPs are decentralized and are on the blockchain and so even if a game becomes nonexistent, gamers can still continue to showcase their achievements in that game.
Welcoming a Griderse array of game studios and artists on board.

Issuers of PoPP

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